Cook While You Sleep?


It’s an electric pot made from ceramic that is also called a slow cooker. Temperatures are much lower than cooking in a pot on your electric or gas stove. You don’t have to stand there and watch your food cooking. Your food can’t burn unless you run out of liquid. Just preheat the pot, add all your ingredients, go to sleep, go take a shower, just walk away.

I own 3 different sizes of crockpots, depending upon how much I am cooking and what I’m cooking. I’ve cooked soups, stews, organic free-range chicken, beef and lamb, vegetables, basmati and brown rice, cous cous, quinoa, beans. It’s the greatest invention every created for a cook who doesn’t have time to stand at the stove. I’ve used my CROCKPOT to make soups for parties. It’s a really great potluck item because you can take it with you wherever you go, it’s easy to store if you have a CROCKPOT that has a removable ceramic portion and it’s so easy to clean. I usually have a pot of soup cooking every week and I experiment with new recipes.

It’s a great way to cook delicious foods that are on your  weight loss plan.

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