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I am a Life Coach specializing in Women’s Health. I am also an Author, Speaker, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reiki Practitioner. I keep up with the latest trends in Women’s Health and often will become licensed or certified to empower women to be successful in every aspect of their lives without sacrificing wellbeing.

In 2004, I had been a Holistic Health Practitioner for 43 years.  I  was ready to add another modality to my practice. DANCING has always been one of my most fun activities and I always considered DANCING as therapy for me. DANCING is one of the healthiest and most fun physical activities anyone can do.  It was time for me to use DANCE as a means to support women in their exercise program. I changed my designation from Holistic Health Practitioner to Wellness Coach to most recently, Life Coach, because that is what I do. I support women in becoming successful in every aspect of their lives without sacrificing their health and wellbeing.

I chose to become Certified as a ZUMBA FITNESS INSTRUCTOR as a way of supporting women in achieving a healthier, pain-free body. In May, 2004, I completed the ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION WEEKEND WITH BETO. Let me tell you about my experience.

I was in Miami, at the Deauville Hotel on Miami Beach, so excited that I’d be training for 2 days with Beto, the very talented dancer/choreographer that brought ZUMBA FITNESS to the U.S.

Beto alone

Beto Perez, Brought Zumba Fitness to the U.S.

I’ve been a dancer all my life so this training would be a piece of cake. NO PROBLEM!! Born and raised in NY, everyone was a dancer and we never took lessons. We were called street dancers and you know what I mean if you are one.I assumed that because I’ve been a dancer and I’ve been taking ZUMBA FITNESS classes at my gym in FL a few times a week, that living through 2 days of intense training would be NO BIG DEAL. I was pre-registered so all I had to do was sign in and get my packet, gift and name tag. I was just too excited to notice all the size 3 bodies and ages of most of the participants. It wasn’t until the weekend was ready to start that I looked around and saw that I was probably the oldest one in the room and maybe even in the hotel.

betoThere were both men and women dancing, yet, mostly women. Most of the dancers were of Hispanic background and there were dancers from all around the globe, who probably have been dancing to this music all their lives from the time they were born.

I’m used to dancing ZUMBA FITNESS for an hour at my gym and then I go home. After the first hour, no one went home. We danced and danced and danced, had lunch, had breaks, and danced and danced and danced. All I could think about was, “I can’t feel my legs anymore. How am I going to get up to my hotel room on these feet.” Even when I was a younger dancer, much, much, younger, I danced for 3-4hrs at a dance and was fine. Nothing hurt and I could always feel my legs. “How am I going to return tomorrow and repeat this day? My body will never make it” was the question of the night. I needed a massage desperately but there was no massage therapist around.

I had a little more water to drink, sat for an hour and watched the other dancers standing, talking and laughing. No one else was sitting. I suddenly remembered that I recommend Epsom Salts to my clients to sprinkle in their bath after their massage to prevent inflammation and pain. It was time for the Wellness Coach to follow her own advice.The challenge was first to find a Walgreen’s or CVS and the second challenge was to get my body there.

MEN AND WOMENFortunately, there was a Walgreen’s right across from the hotel and could I get there and back. It’s amazing what we can do if we put our mind’s to it. I did get there and did buy my magical cure, returned to the hotel room, so anxious to get into the tub, I forgot that I didn’t have any food with me for dinner. At that point, I didn’t care. All I wanted was my Epsom Salts bath hoping to feel my legs again.I sprinkled the Epsom Salts in, 2 cups full as the tub was filling with the hottest water in the hotel. I was salivating as I sat on the side of the tub, just waiting to dive in. When I did get in, I’m sure my hotel neighbors on either side of my room, must have heard me moan. It felt sooooo good. I didn’t think I would ever want to exit the tub. I wanted to sleep in the tub until the class began on Sun morning. I didn’t know if I could continue the training given how I felt at that moment. But the funny thing is, I was determined to finish the weekend, even though another part of me wanted to quit. I kept saying to myself that I couldn’t take one more step, nor ZUMBA to one more 5 minute song. After an hour in the tub, I was ready to find out if my legs had feeling again and whether I’d be calling room service for my dinner while I ate in bed or I’d be able to make it outside to a restaurant.

women's zumba classThe amazing result was that the EPSOM SALTS WORKED. I no longer had pain in my legs to the point of numbness and I felt better than I did when I started the class this morning. I was rockin’ and ready to eat a great Cuban dinner. I did go out and find a great restaurant, had a good night’s sleep and woke up pain-free. I did complete the training and by the end of Sunday, received my Certification from ZIN, the Zumba Instructor Network. I was now a Certified Zumba Instructor. I made it through 2 days of dancing with beautiful young bodies, young women with gorgeous hips, legs, rings in their bellies and magnificent faces to match. I kept up with them. I didn’t stop once. I said to myself, “if they could do it, I could do it, I will do it.” I left Miami hotel with my ZUMBA FITNESS Certification in my hand. I DID IT!!


People Sculptures and ME

Grandma Shellie, The Zumba Queen with her 2 favorite ‘dancers’

I can’t believe Grandma Shellie’s doing that!” laughs her 3 grandchildren ages 4, 8 and 12. Yes! It’s true. Grandma Shellie teaches ZUMBA GOLD to other grandmas and grandpas!!


70yr old Grandma Shellie is a Certified ZUMBA FITNESS Instructor and Certified ZUMBA GOLD Instructor, teaches ZUMBA GOLD, with classes in northwestern NJ & NY.

Zumba Instructors

Instructors  practicing our Zumba Steps


Shellie’s a petite woman, size 8, with an athletic, trim body, who attributes her agelessness to her exciting career as a Life Coach specializing in Women’s Health. Under this umbrella, she teaches Zumba Gold, holds 3 state Massage Licenses, as well as National Certification by NCBTMB, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dancing is one of her lifelong passions, particularly Latin dancing, is living an extremely healthy lifestyle, and when you meet Grandma Shellie, she vibrates with a passion for life and learning.

Grandma Shellie,  ZUMBA GOLD FITNESS Instructor in Delray Beach, FL, Vernon Valley, NJ, New Paltz  and Warwick, NY  is also known as Dr. Shellie Gretah Fraddin, Ph.D., LMT, Strategic Health Coach for Women/ FL Licensed Medical Massage Therapist/Writer/Lecturer and Reiki Practitioner . She’s been in the Holistic Health field for more than 40yrs and continues to expand her skills as new concepts emerge.

Dr. Shellie teaches ZUMBA GOLD classes to seniors 55+ and to Parkinsonians in FL and NY.

Her very exciting and energizing classes often exceed 50 participants, who leave the class wanting more. The participants become addicted to the fun, the music and to the feeling of wellbeing they experience after taking a ZUMBA GOLD class. Her philosophy is, ‘if you’re still breathing, you can dance’.

ZUMBA GOLD classes differ from that because they are specifically designed to address the needs of the active older adult, 55+ AND the beginner ZUMBA dancer AND those with physical limitations AND those who HATE TO EXERCISE.

Zumba palmbay

As a result of her commitment to share the message to the world about the benefits of DANCING, Shellie now lectures throughout FL on the topic: DANCE AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT and she talks about the benefits of ZUMBA FITNESS.

All the activities Shellie weaves into her career, empower people to create a life filled with Wellness, Fun and Adventure and ZUMBA GOLD classes fit right into her vision.

Let’s go into some detail about ZUMBA GOLD – it’s a dance-aerobics class using Latin American music and steps from Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Calypso, Mambo, Belly Dance and even some Rock and Roll. Regular  ZUMBA FITNESS classes are usually faster-paced, with more intricate steps in a choreographed routine with jumping.

ZUMBA GOLD SMALL GROUP SESSION 0 00 11-16ZUMBA GOLD classes differ from that because they are specifically designed to address the needs of the active older adult, 55+ AND the beginner ZUMBA dancer AND those with physical limitations AND those who HATE TO EXERCISE.

ZUMBA GOLD was designed to teach the participant the basic steps of all the dances, improve balance, improve mind/body coordination, increase cardiovascular activity, just to mention some of the benefits, with easy-to-follow instructions that anyone at any age can do, even those requiring chairs or wheelchairs. FEELING THE MUSIC is one of the most important parts of the class. When you feel the music and visualize yourself dancing the steps I show you, whether you are sitting or standing, you’re dancing ZUMBA. ZUMBA GOLD creates a party like atmosphere. It’s fun, different, easy and effective and it’s great for the mind, body and soul.



It’s Latin inspired dance aerobics. We cha cha, salsa, mambo, merengue, cumbia, flamenco, bellydance, tango, rhumba and bachata.

It’s a slower form of Zumba Fitness, with fewer routines and NO JUMPING.


Absolutely not true! It’s for seniors AND beginners to ZUMBA AND for people with physical limitations AND for people who ‘hate to exercise’.





Because it’s a fun way to exercise without feeling like you’re exercising. The music is exhilerating.

The steps are easy. You don’t have to know how to dance. You can wear whatever you want.  We dance in sneakers.

Zumba Fitness Classes are for people of all ages: kids and adults love Zumba.

Zumba Dance Class Mountain Dale Park Day Camp July 8, 2009 0 01 26-18Grandma Shellie teaches Zumba Fitness to young people in Mountaindale, NY


Abby Bella Dance Studio Helps Seniors Heat Up the Dance Floor With ZUMBA GOLD

Abby Bella Dance: Newsroom

Abby Bella Dance Studio Helps Seniors Heat Up the Dance Floor With ZUMBA GOLD

July 1, 2008 ·

2008- Abby Bella Dance Studio welcomes Shellie who is a certified expert in the hot Latin fitness dance program, ZUMBA, to lead ZUMBA GOLD which is now offered on Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30-10:30 AM. A testament to the notion that one can ‘jam’ at any age, Shellie attributes much of her youthful energy to Latin dancing.

ZUMBA GOLD address the needs of the active older adult, beginner ZUMBA dancer, or anyone with any physical limitation (several dancers are dancing just fine in a chair). “I have bad knees and participate in Abby Bella’s ZUMBA GOLD classes in a chair. I have a great time moving to the music and always leave wanting more,” says one of the senior dancers.

The studio also offers the fast-paced version of ZUMBA FITNESS which, like the GOLD version, incorporates Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Calypso, Mambo, Belly Dance with fun Latin music beats.

Catering to adult dancers at all levels, Abby Bella with its ‘best in class’ instructors, offers plenty more variety with hip-hop (levels 1 & 2), ballet, belly dancing, cardio striptease, ballroom, tap, jazz, jazz workout, Latin dance, Latin conditioning, modern, ballet barre, yoga and pilates. “I hardly ever go to dance clubs anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to dance like they do in the clubs. I’m having fun and getting a killer workout in the different classes at Abby Bella,” states a thirty-something Scottsdale mother of two.


One of the projects that was very important to her was  leading ZUMBA GOLD classes for the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA), South Florida Chapter, at their monthly support group meetings throughout Florida. The Parkinsonians, their caregivers and Shellie always have a wonderful time dancing ZUMBA together. The exercise is preceded with a short talk before each class on some of the most current research about the benefits of DANCING and HEALTH, the best exercise for anyone suffering from a neurological condition.


Chair zumba







November 7, 2009

Grandma Shellie, The Zumba Gold Queen

At The Ocean Sands Resort & Spa, Pompano Beach, FL



Fun and Exhilerating Zumba Gold Class at A Woman’s Retreat in Pompano Beach, FL

Dr. Shellie now lives in Virginia Beach, VA and travels around the country to teach.

To schedule a  Zumba Gold  Class in your area

EMAIL: drshellie614@gmail.com or shellieszumbaparty@gmail.com


CALL: 602-708-9018


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