Why Go On A Solo Road Trip? It’s for Your Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellness is multidimensional, more than what foods you eat and what exercises you do. It also includes  other aspects:  How much quiet time do you have in your day? How do you renew and rejuvenate? Are you engaged in a hobby or in meditation? How do you pamper yourself, have fun and socialize?  Do you get regular massages? These are necessary steps to creating a healthy body, mind and spirit.

We need time alone, a time for solitude, away from work, friends and family. We need time to renew and replenish. Schedule a retreat alone for a few days to read, meditate, eat healthy foods, walk, swim, write. Set aside some time  during your day or one day a week to fish or go to  the beach or visit a botanical garden.


In my experience as a Health & Wellness Coach, I find most people rarely schedule quiet, alone time. Most are so exhausted from the pressures of daily living, traffic, family and work obligations, that their only down-time is when they are sick. Let’s be proactive here and schedule alone time when you’re healthy, to stay healthy!

I like Road Trips by myself, where I can be peaceful and quiet.

Let’s look at taking a Road Trip by yourself as an opportunity to renew and replenish those empty storehouses of energy and vitality.

According to Wikipedia definition, “A Road Trip is a journey via automobile, sometimes unplanned or impromptu…  any journey by automobile, regardless of stops en route.  A Road Trip …is usually..a long journey, at least three hours away….”

There may be times in your life when you’ll want to or need to go on a Road Trip alone, either for business or to visit friends and family. Being in your car alone on a short or long Road Trip can be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn more about yourself; an opportunity to make new decisions, to try new foods,  to do life at your own pace.

You’ll become more self-reliant, increase feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. You may develop new coping skills if you confront fears, doubts and anxiety. You’ll have time to think, be quiet, listen to your thoughts, feelings and your favorite music, meet new people and explore new experiences. A solo Road Trip can be a wonderful tool for learning about what makes you happy, sad, fearful, anxious, worried and what you like and dislike.

Sometimes when you’re enmeshed in family or work dynamics, you’re not aware of their influence on your decisions. How often have you had the quiet time to ask yourself: Is this what I want or is this what they want me to want?

I invite you to take a short one day Road Trip alone, to a special place away from home. Set time aside to enjoy your time of renewal and replenishment.

You can learn more about the benefits of going on a Road Trip alone, in my books:

“The Goddess Road Trip Manual and Journal

or contact me for:



EMAIL: roadtripgoddess@gmail.com

PHONE: 602-708-9018



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