Massage Benefits



When you’re happy and pain free, you slow down the aging process, from the inside out. Studies show that 80-85% of people. age 65+ will experience pain from a health problem or stress during their later years. Massage, hugs and loving touch reduces or eliminates pain and releases endorphins, your brain‘s happy hormones,  natural pain killers.

3000 years ago, Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, recommended (massage), rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems. Over the years, massage has become an integral part of many rehab programs in hospitals/physical therapy centers, because it is one of the most effective and drug-free ways to deal with pain.

How does massage help the senior population? 

Ÿ  Minimizes worry, anxiety, fear, depression

Ÿ  Reduces pain from degenerative diseases, repetitive motion, arthritis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff pain

Ÿ  Eliminates stiffness and rigidity from Parkinson’s Disease

Ÿ  Prevents headaches, backaches, fatigue, insomnia, stiff neck.

Ÿ  Reduces muscle/joint pain

Ÿ  Lowers need for pain medication

Ÿ  Boosts immune system

Ÿ  Diminishes facial lines/wrinkles

Ÿ  Increases joint flexibility

Ÿ  Reduces spasms/swelling

Ÿ  Improves energy

Ÿ  Normalizes high blood pressure

Ÿ  Enhances sleep

Ÿ  Improves concentration

Ÿ  Improves pulmonary function

Mother Teresa, in her vast experience tending to suffering people, believed that the lack of touch caused more deaths…not hunger, poverty or physical suffering. She touched ‘lepers’ and bathed their wounds with her own bare hands. She transmitted her love and caring through touch.


Massage is recommended by The Mayo Clinic, for its benefits and rewards, as one of the healthiest ways reduce pain and suffering and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

If you live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia Beach, call to schedule your appt for yourself or for your facility event:

Dr. Shellie Gretah Fraddin, Ph.D., Licensed Massage Therapist @ 602-708-9018


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