Cooking with Love in Your Sacred Kitchen

 Food- God’s love made edible


The kitchen was once the temple in most homes, the sacred place where physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment of friends and family took place.


Years ago before our lives were so hectic, families shared meals together


Our hectic, busy lives, single parent homes, business travel, demanding work schedules, both parents working, carpools, meetings, daily exercise commitments, etc, have forced us to eat fast-foods, stop at the drive-thru, eat what is quick, instant packaged, boxed or frozen. Cooking has become more of a  burden, responsibility, another thing ‘to do’, rather than a joyful experience.

According to authors Robin and Jon Robertson, authors of the amazing book, The Sacred Kitchen, cooking can become a ‘healing opportunity’ to nurture and enhance your relationships. There is something special that occurs when you combine the energy from your hands with the energy of your food. The Robertsons call this combination, a ‘sacred alchemy’. Alchemy is any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.  i.e. when your energy is heavy and sad and your hands are handling food, your energy of sadness affects the food and the people who eat it. Conversely, if you’re eating food that someone else prepared, who is sad or angry or worried or frightened, you may feel those emotions after eating their food and not know why.

The other day, I rented the movie, ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ based on the novel by Laura Esquivel. This story clarifies how our emotions affect the energy of the food we prepare. The focus of the film is about the youngest daughter, Tita and Pedro who love each other and cannot be together. Tita’s cruel mother arranges for Pedro to marry Tita’s sister. What makes this movie so powerful, is that Tita is the family cook. When she learns about the wedding, she is the one who will bake the wedding cake. She is so sad, she cannot stop crying and grieving for the loss of her beloved. Her tears drip into the cake batter and everyone who eats the cake is overcome by sadness and tears, Tita’s sadness and tears. What began as a joyful celebration became an occasion of sadness and longing for lost loves. The film continues to demonstrate the alchemy between cook and food- it’s power to transform the energy to affect everyone who consumes it.

If you cannot enter your sacred kitchen peacefully and joyfully, do not prepare food. Stop, regroup, meditate, go for a walk, listen to some music, dance Zumba, write in your journal.

Shellie Gretah Fraddin, Ph.D. , Life and Wellness Coach specializing in Women’s Health, Author, Speaker

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