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I am a Life Coach, Author and Speaker specializing in Health and Wellness. When I began my practice more than 50 years ago, my work concentrated on young women’s health and wellbeing.  When I celebrated my 55th birthday, more than 17 years ago, my focus began to shift. My Wellness practice today is to protect and empower the mind, body, emotions and spirit of women 55+.

I am committed to empowering all senior women to be fulfilled and have a life they love, without sacrificing their health and wellbeing.

My work (lectures, workshops, books, magazine columns, massage therapy, zumba gold fitness classes, diet and nutrition counseling, life coaching) support senior women, 55+ in their spiritual, emotional and physical transformation, to improve the quality of their health and wellbeing and to provide them with the tools to  make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.


I offer the following services, either in person or on the telephone, when appropriate.

LIFE COACHING (in person and by phone)

DIET AND NUTRITION COUNSELING (in person and by phone)

MASSAGE THERAPY (in person. I specialize in pain and stress releif)

REIKI HEALING (in person and distance healing by phone)


I am currently located in Virginia Beach, VA and often travel to NY, DC, MD, DE. NJ, FL  for workshops and consultations.


I’ve included  stories about my personal journey and transformation, to inspire you  to trust your own process, to encourage you to pay attention to the lessons that will teach you about the challenges, to appreciate the messages you receive from the Universe and to trust your intuition.

You’ll read about the many life lessons I have learned and continue to learn on my spiritual path. I make a concerted effort to notice my resistance and open myself up for the lessons. Sometimes, when I’m afraid or feel abandoned by friends and family, I hold tight and try to control my circumstances.

Part of the transformation process is breaking through self-doubt and fear and learning to trust and have faith…that we will survive and thrive through the challenges.I have passed on my lessons to all of you in the form of sharing my stories.

No matter what your path, remember that we cannot help others until we help ourselves. Women are the healers in this world, joining together with other women to do God’s work and help heal planet Earth.  Our feminine energy is so deeply needed to bring peace and love into the world, to eliminate hatred and violence. We cannot lead other into the light, if we are still in the dark. Therefore,  we will continue to face our deepest, darkest hours in the form of physical, mental or spiritual symptoms, until we get in touch with who we are and what we’re here to accomplish.

I share my personal transformation with you to inspire you, to give you strength, insight and courage, to help you understand your challenges and to help you appreciate the lessons derived from them.

“Health is loving who you are”. Anonymous author

I encourage you to create and manifest your wildest dreams, passionately, joyfully and health-consciously. You will become healthier in body, mind and spirit and create balance in all areas of your life.

We must strengthen ourselves on every level to take care of the job before us.

We are the nurturers, the healers, the peacemakers, the mothers of the earth. We have neglected our own health and wellbeing for a very long time. The time is now to evaluate what we need to be happier and healthier women.

In the women’s liberation movement 30+ years ago, some of us burned our bras and fought hard and long for the right to be treated as equals in the business world. It appears that some of us have gone from one part of the spectrum to the extreme opposite; from feeling inadequate, weak and scared little girls to becoming extremely independent super women women now dress like men, act like men and still competing with men.

Many women have worked competitively for so long, that they’ve lost sight of their femininity , qualities that differentiates us from the male species: softness, gentleness, self-expression, nurturing and sensitivity. Some companies dictate how women should dress- jewelry, make-up, clothing- to control individuality and creativity. Research reveals that women  now experience the same diseases as men, heart disease, strokes ,  burn-out and workaholism.

“Why hope to live a long life if we’re only going to fill it with self-absorption, body maintenance, and image repair? When we die, do we want people to exclaim, ‘She looked ten years younger,’ or do we want them to say, ‘She lived a great life!’ ” (Author Unknown).

We need to take care of ourselves so we have the energy and passion to take care of others. We have broad shoulders and can handle big challenges.

I will coach and encourage you to live a health-conscious life, rich with loving people, health-conscious activities and experiences. Within each of you, is a free-spirited, beautiful, insightful, intuitive, compassionate, inspiring, self-expressed, bright, creative, nurturing Goddess.

Princess Diana said, “I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am”
She was quite an inspiration to women around the globe!!

We hope to inspire you to live your life as a free spirit, to be who you want to be, to have what you want to have and do what you want to do. We trust that you will find exactly what you’re looking for on these pages and links, to embrace who you are and who you are yet to become.

I am currently located in the Hampton Roads, 23452

For more information

Call: 602-708-9018 or 757-888-8588

Telephone consultations are available

Email: drshellie614@gmail.com


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