Who Is Dr. Shellie?

Dr. Shellie and The Story Teller in Sedona, AZ

Dr. Shellie Gretah Fraddin, Ph.D., Life and Wellness Coach specializing in Women’s Health

Author, Speaker, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor, Certified Reiki Practitioner and Healing Arts Photographer

Mother of 3 and Grandma of 6


LET’S HAVE BREAKFAST: A Breakfast Cookbook Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit

THE GODDESS ROAD TRIP MANUAL: A Spiritual Journey To Get You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be


“It doesn’t matter that the road’s been rough, that you now have challenges, or that uncertainties loom on the horizon. None of these changes the fact that for every thought you think today, worlds will come tumbling into existence. For every word you speak, legions will be called into action. and for every step you take, matter will be drawn from the ether.” The Universe

Dr. Shellie’s Outlook on Life:

Life’s a Ball, isn’t it? At least it should be. Even when the going gets rough, we must, must, must set time aside to play, dance and laugh. Focusing on what’s not working,on all the suffering and pain, doesn’t relieve us. It doesn’t change the circumstances. It does makes us feel worse, doesn’t it?  Choose to focus on the joy of what we is working in our lives, focus on gratitude and appreciate what makes us happy.

When you’re true to yourself, follow your heart and trust your intuition, your face, reflects your joy, your body moves with the elegance of a dancer. A natural facelift and natural pain reliever is having the courage to do what makes your heart sing.


Sharing God’s World- Boyce Arboretum, Superior, AZ 2008

Dr. Shellie is described, by those who know her, as a high-energy, courageous, pioneer and passionate-about-life-woman. She has been involved in the Holistic Health field for over 40yrs as a Wellness Coach, Writer and Workshop Leader, and now has incorporated her years of experience, education and wisdom to be a Strategic Health Coach for Women, Author, Writer, Workshop Leader, Licensed Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Zumba Gold Fitness Instructor and Reiki Practitioner.

Even when the going gets rough, focus on the valuable lessons that emerge from the experience,

“Life’s a daring adventure or it’s nothing”. Helen Keller

Always be true to yourself, follow your heart, trust your intuition and have the courage to do what makes your heart sing.

Interested in learning the secret to a natural facelift and natural pain relief?

Always be true to yourself, follow your heart and trust your intuition and have the courage to do what makes your heart sing. Then, your face will reflect your joy and your body will moves with the elegance of a dancer.

Shellie 2006 (2)

Shellie in Truth or Consequences, NM 2003


In the early ’70’s, before the Holistic Health and Complementary Medicine approach to healing was accepted and popular, Dr. Shellie launched her Holistic Health Education career. She was coaching families to eat healthier and adopt healthier lifestyles and promoting healthier school lunches in several NY school districts. She was writing Health and Fitness articles for local papers and magazines, hosted her own radio talk show in NY appeared on more than 50 radio and TV shows throughout the world. She was interviewed by The NY Times, The San Diego Magazine as well as Seventeen, Ms and Mademoiselle for her expertise in Nutrition.

For the next 35 yrs, she designed and delivered Holistic Health Programs to public and private sectors: to nurses at Scripps Memorial Hospital, San Diego, Long Beach Hospital NY, to corporations, Rexall Sundown, FL, The Learning Annex, NY, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, to National University, San Diego, California and state agencies in CA and NY.


Dr. Shellie graduated from Queens College, Flushing, NY in 1960 with a Bachelor’s in Special Education. She returned to school to pursue an advanced degree from La Salle University, Mandeville, LA. Graduating with honors in 1994, Shellie was awarded a Ph.D. in Holistic Health Science.

Interested in combining nutrition and diet counseling with stress and pain relief,  Dr. Shellie returned to school once and became a Licensed Massage Therapist.in 1991. She continues to update her skills with the newest technology in pain rand stress relief.  Nationally Certified with NCBTMB since 2000, Dr. Shellie currently holds state massage licenses in Arizona, New Mexico, New Jersey and Florida and has been using massage in her practice for more than 18 years.

While living in New Mexico, Dr. Shellie was fortunate to work at Lovelace Hospital, Albuquerque, as part of the rehab team along with physical and occupational therapists. The medical rehab team approach trained her to become an expert in medical massage, focusing on pain and stress relief.

Her Massage practice is exclusive to women’s health, incorporating sophisticated modalities such as Trigger Point, Orthobionomy, Orthopedic techniques, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Myotherapy, Hot Stone and Reflexology into Swedish massages. Dr. Shellie is considered an expert in Pain Relief and is referred by Orthopedists and Chiropractors.

Dr. Shellie became Certified as a Reiki II Practitioner in 2001 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Certified as a Zumba Fitness Instructor in 2004 in Miami, Florida by Beto and the Zumba Instructor Network. She continues to add new services and products to her practice as they become appropriate to her clients.


Dr. Shellie and her favorite senior students, English Rose Tea Garden, Carefree, AZ


Being a dancer all her life and passionate about its health benefits, Dr. Shellie added another dimension to her Strategic Health Coaching practice and became a Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor. .(click the highlighted area to read more about Zumba Fitness)

Abby Bella Dance Studio Helps Seniors Heat Up the Dance Floor With ZUMBA GOLD
July 1, 2008

“I can’t believe Grandma’s doing that!” laugh the grandchildren of sixty-nine year old, Shellie Gretah Fraddin, Ph.D, LMT, now more known as ‘Scottsdale ZUMBA Queen.’ Yes, it’s true. Grandma Shellie teaches ZUMBA!

Abby Bella Dance Studio welcomes Shellie who is a certified expert in the hot Latin fitness dance program, ZUMBA, to lead ZUMBA GOLD which is now offered on Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30-10:30 AM. A testament to the notion that one can ‘jam’ at any age, Shellie attributes much of her youthful energy to Latin dancing.

ZUMBA GOLD address the needs of the active older adult, beginner ZUMBA dancer, or anyone with any physical limitation (several dancers are dancing just fine in a chair). “I have bad knees and participate in Abby Bella’s ZUMBA GOLD classes in a chair. I have a great time moving to the music and always leave wanting more,” says one of the senior dancers.

The studio also offers the fast-paced version of  ZUMBA FITNESS which, like the GOLD version, incorporates Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Calypso, Mambo, Belly Dance with fun Latin music beats.

Catering to adult dancers at all levels, Abby Bella with its ‘best in class’ instructors, offers plenty more variety with hip-hop (levels 1 & 2), ballet, belly dancing, cardio striptease, ballroom, tap, jazz, jazz workout, Latin dance, Latin conditioning, modern, ballet barre, yoga and pilates. “I hardly ever go to dance clubs anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to dance like they do in the clubs. I’m having fun and getting a killer workout in the different classes at Abby Bella,” states a thirty-something Scottsdale mother of 2.

Please visit my other site: http:// grandmashellieteacheszumba.com

email: drshellie614@gmail.com call: 602-708-9018 for free consultation


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