What Is A Life and Health Coach?

She  is your success coach

She holds your hand and the light when you’re in the dark.

She is your partner and your teacher who celebrates your wins and helps you make sense of  your losses

She focuses completely on you and is committed to your success.

She is there to assist you in setting and achieving your goals.

She helps you design a wellness program to become successful in those areas.

She specializes in Women’s  Wellness concerns and supports your success in all areas of  life without compromising your wellbeing.

“In recent years, Life Coaches have emerged as the newest breed of ‘Life Consultants’. Drawing upon psychology, career counseling, management consulting, spiritual precepts, motivational training, common sense, (holistic health education), this growing cadre of experts is helping clients get out of a rut, stretch themselves in new ways and dares them to follow their bliss. You might call these coaches, “Personal Trainers of The Soul”.   New Age Magazine

What’s The Benefit of Working With a Life and Health Coach, who specializes in Wellness?


empowers you to get clear about what you want

assists you to set and achieve goals: spiritual, physical, emotional, educational, psychological, financial

assists you in dealing with fears, doubts, worries

focuses on the solution, not the problem

guides you with creative strategies

give you honest feedback

helps you discover your truths

supports your strengths and  strengthen your weaknesses

guides you achieve balance in your personal, work and family life

encourages you to create a life you love

How does Coaching work?

Sessions are 2x/month, in person, email, skype or on the phone.

A group session is included

Commitment is for 3 or 6 months

Fees- $100/session, $200/month, $600/3 months, $1200/6 months

Payment is made in advance for 3 or 6 months, with a 10% discount  3 or 6 month payment in advance

Paypal or credit card is acceptable

Dr. Shellie Gretah Fraddin, Ph.D.,

Life and Health Coach – specializing in Women’s Wellness

…empowering women to be successful without sacrificing wellbeing.

CALL: 602-708-9018 or EMAIL: drshellie614@gmail.com to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION


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