Wed. Sept. 14, 2011-

I woke up this morning with ear pain and couldn’t hear from my left ear. I do not have a cold nor a sinus infection. For someone else, this might be just a clogged ear problem. However, in my case,  it meant that I was temporarily deaf. My right ear has very little hearing, the result of many, many chronic ear infections as a young child resulting in the permanent perforation of my ear drum. Basically, I have a  hole in my tiny eardrum which renders me partially deaf. My right ear was sharp enough to allow me to hear extremely well, with impeccable hearing. I would hear sounds that very few people could hear. For 72 years, I never had a problem with my left ear. My question is, why now?

I have been under a great deal of stress since I moved to Virginia Beach for many reasons. I know that such ongoing stress played a huge part in my present hearing problem.  I know that there is always an emotional cause for every physical ailment. The first thought I had was, ‘what is it that I don’t want to hear?’  The truth is that there is so much I don’t want to hear. I was using earplugs at night for the past 6 months in order to sleep. My apartment is on the path of Navy jet planes, which sound like an earthquake every time one passes overhead. They begin to fly usually 7-8am until midnight. In addition, my apartment is on a main street.  I hear trucks, motorcycles, fire engines, buses and more throughout the day and night. I’ve been complaining to people about the noise and now I don’t hear them.


I don’t like it. I feel like I’m missing so much. I’m irritable, frustrated, frightened at the possibility that this was not a temporary issue. I missed the birds singing, kids voices, laughter, conversations and being with people. I don’t want to go anywhere  because I can’t hear what’s going on. I am a very social person and I’ve been avoiding people.

I can hear my own voice, but not other people’s voices. Ironically, I got what I asked for. I didn’t want to hear the navy jets, the motorcycles, the fire engines, the buses, the ambulances, the trucks. And now I can’t hear them and much, much more. I can’t hear voices unless someone is facing me and I know they are talking to me directly. I can hear music and I can hear my cell phone, text message alert. I’ve been reading lips.

I stopped watching the news a very long time ago because I don’t want to hear about violence, wars, crime, kids killing kids, people killing one another because of different religious beliefs, the economy, the government’s problems, unemployment. I could go on and on and on about all the things I don’t want to hear. The bottom line is now I can’t hear anything, even that which I want to hear. Discovering the physical cause is my current inquiry.


Mon. Sept. 19, 2011-

CHIROPRACTOR– I scheduled an adjustment with my chiropractor, to adjust my cervicals,  possibly subluxated and causing an impingement of nerves and blood supply to my ear. The adjustment made no significant improvement.

ACUPUNCTURE– I scheduled an Acupuncture appointment, knowing that the ears lie along a meridian dealing with organs and glands. Perhaps there’s  blocked energy or stagnation along the meridians. One treatment didn’t make any significant change.

WARM OLIVE OIL– I proceeded to place a few drops of warm olive oil in my ear to soothe the pain, and slept with a heating pad. The olive oil made my hearing and pain worse.  I felt helpless and concerned.

GROUP PRAYER– I contacted Silent Unity Spiritual Center for prayers to restore my hearing and to help my body, mind and spirit be returned to a balanced state. I called my spiritual advisor requesting her intuitive healing work for me.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE– I did lymphatic drainage massage to my glands, muscles, surrounding my ear, the mastoid bone, around the lobe, my temple, my TMJont to help alleviate some of the pressure I was feeling from the infection.

HOMEOPATHY– I researched Materia Medica, my homeopathic bible and learned of some remedies that might restore my hearing and alleviate the associated pain. Homeopathic remedies are compatible with pharmaceuticals. I selected the following remedies, using one for a few days then the other. Ferrum phosphoricum,  Pulsatilla, with no improvement in my hearing.

EFT– I used EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping for the pain, for the hearing loss, for all that I didn’t want to hear, for perfect health, for restored hearing. I tapped every day.

NO DAIRY- I eliminated all dairy products from my diet, known to trigger ear infections in babies and children. No yogurt, no goat or feta cheese  until I am able to hear and have no more pain.

Wed. Sept. 21, 2011-

It was time to see an M.D. for a diagnosis since none of my natural remedies worked. The M.D. recommended that I see an E.N.T. specialist as he thought I had an ear infection. My sinuses began to fill up and I difficulty breathing through my nose.

Thurs. Sept. 22, 2011-

The E.N.T. specialist diagnosed that there was fluid in my left ear and I was given a prescription for antibiotics and cortisone nasal spray. I was relieved to have a diagnosis and felt sure that the meds would improve my hearing and eliminate the pain.

Sun. Sept. 25, 2011-

I have a great deal of pain in my ear and I still can’t hear. I didn’t attend my Sunday spiritual service because I could not hear the speaker or any of the people I’d be seeing there. I noticed that I was beginning to hibernate, avoid people and I didn’t like it. I empathize with people who have hearing problems who can’t hear the beautiful sounds of life happening.

Mon. Sept. 26, 2011-

I called the E.N.T. and asked to see him today. I have a trip to Sedona, AZ planned and paid for from Oct. 2-9, 2011 and I was concerned about flying with an ear infection. The possibility of having severe ear pain during the flights (2 planes ascending and descending) and having my eardrum burst from the cabin pressure was real and frightening. The MD drained my ear of fluid and told me to continue the medications. That it would be OK for me to fly because by that time, I’d have taken the antibiotics which will continue to work for a week afterwards.

I continued to do massages, teach Zumba Gold fitness classes, see clients and even interviewed to add an additional Zumba Gold class to my schedule. I advised everyone that I was dealing with an ear infection which has affected my hearing. No improvement in my hearing.

Wed. Sept. 28, 2011-

I attended my monthly networking breakfast and felt disconnected, not being able to hear the conversations from people at my table nor the speaker presenting. I went to temple for Rosh Hashonah services and couldn’t hear what the Rabbi was saying. Still can’t hear.

Thurs. Sept. 29, 2011-

I made a hotel reservation near the airport, so I could have a good night’s sleep before my flight at 6:30am. I’m packing for my trip as if my ear infection has improved and I am well. I still have pain and hearing has not improved.

Sat. Oct. 1, 2011-

Did some massages today and arrived at the hotel at 5pm. Still extremely concerned about flying with an ear infection and pain. I meditated with the mantra, God is healing me NOW, repeating it over and over and over again. I went to sleep anticipating a wake-up call at 4am for a 5am taxi to the airport.

Sun. Oct. 2, 2011-

I was extremely anxious and fearful about flying with sinus and ear congestion. Afraid that I’d not only have severe pain from the descent of each leg of my flight, but fearful that my eardrum would burst from the infection. I prayed, I used my nasal spray, I took a decongestant, I chewed gum, I continued to drink water throughout the flight.

The good news is that I completed both legs of my trip with NO EAR PAIN AND NO EARDRUM PROBLEM.

Oct. 3, 2011-

I had a massage and body scrub in the Sedona Spa,  Sedona, AZ. I haven’t pampered myself this way since moving to Virginia Beach.  I’m  in awe of the magnificent red rocks and beautiful weather.My friend and I went atop Airport Mesa mountain to watch the sun set. Utterly moving.  I’m really happy being here. My hearing is improving little by little in a very subtle manner. I thought I would wake up one day and my hearing in my left ear would be perfect again. It’s not happening that way.

Sun. Oct. 9, 2011- I just arrived back in Norfolk, VA after flying from Phoenix, AZ on 2 planes.  My hearing is back to normal. I had no pain or pressure when descending on either flight. I am very grateful for my hearing.


  1.  Be careful with my words and what I complain about.
  2. Words have power and energy.
  3. I create my own reality by what we focus on.
  4. If I use natural remedies to help my body heal itself, I must also have patience since  it’s a slow process to restore balance
  5. If the natural remedies don’t bring relief,  my situation may require the attention of Allopathic medicine .
  6. There is great power in group prayer.
  7. Stress can alter body chemistry, lower resistance and weaken immune system
  8. I need to pamper myself, plan a day away from home, a short day trip, a place to play and unwind.
  9. I appreciate everything I hear. I can pick and choose what I listen to.
  10. When I complain about something, I’m creating a negative affirmation that could bring more of the same.

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